Fishing Boats


Catch that big one!

You can hire your boat, update your fishing gear and leave straight from our water front jetties to enjoy one of the most popular and beautiful waterways of NSW and the far South Coast.
The boats come equipped with Biminis (sun shades) and have padded seats. They are licenced for up to four or five people and no boat licence required.
Throw a line in the water, it’s great fishing in Narooma, or just enjoy our waterways. A great day out!


          4 – Seater                                               5 – Seater

$130 for two hours.                                $160 for two hours
$270 for full day (6hrs).                         $300 for full day (6hrs)
$50 per hour thereafter.                         $50 per hour thereafter
All safety gear supplied

Also Available

Fishing Rod Hire

$10 per Rod

Tweed Bait

Prawns, Pilchards, Squid, Mullet


$6 per Bag

About our Fishing Boats

Polycraft Challenger 410 4 - Seater

If you are a keen angler or just enjoy getting out and exploring, then a 410 Challenger is the boat for you. Included onboard is an Anker, Map, Lifejackets, rod holders and an optional ladder.


Capacity: 4 People (not including pets)

Power output: 6 – 9.9HP (4-Stroke)

Steering: Tiller

Colours Available: White, Green Teal, Blue, Orange

Polycraft Drifter 450 5 - Seater

The 450 Drifter is a larger vessel with more seating options. The steering wheel and controls make the boat easier to use. Included onboard is an Anker, Map, Lifejackets, rod holders and an optional ladder.


Capacity: 5 People (not including pets)

Power output: 9.9HP (4-Stroke)

Steering: forward controls

Colours Available: Orange, Blue


No, A boat license is not needed to drive our fishing boats. We recommend that the person on board with the most boat knowledge operates the vessel. This individual will need to be above the age of 16 and have a car drivers license.

You can travel throughout Fosters bay and the Wagonga inlet. These vessels cannot go out to sea and we will provide you with a map on where you can and cannot go. The boat has an anchor onboard so you can be stationary in deep water. These boats cannot be ran aground on sand and fines will apply if there is damage to the vessel from reckless driving. 

Yes Yes Yes!!! We also provide dog lifejackets if needed. 

The marina supplies lifejackets to those who require them. By law children under the age of 12 are required to wear lifejackets on the water. We do also have lifejackets for adults and teenagers as well. 

Bring your own food and drinks. For those keen fisherman and fisherwoman there are rod holders onboard and the marina does also hire out rods and bait. We can provide a portable ladder for those who are brave enough to go for a swim. 

If you’re enjoying your time on the water and want to stay out longer. Please give us a call and we can approve for you to stay out for longer.

We are very flexible with cancellations and allow for you to cancel on the day. If there is terrible weather we will be in touch with you if it’s too dangerous to go out.